How do we create baby portrait?
We know baby means the whole world to parents, every mom and dad wants to preserve their baby's treasure moment, we have experience to capture, and we do it with our hearts. We can let your baby feel comfortable and smile to the camera in the most natural way.
We hope the photos will be something you can always carry with you.
我們怎樣製作 BB 相?
我們知道每日 BB 在爸爸媽媽心目中也是最珍貴的,所有父母也希望將 BB 珍貴的畫面捕捉並保存。我們用心設計構思並用經驗,將 BB 自然、舒適的畫面拍攝於照片中。

Special of our Studio- "Daylight Shooting"

Great lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. Photography is basically writing with light; story telling in its purest most simplistic form. The right use of "Daylight" can help you tell your story, and it can even make the difference between an everyday photo, and something more special.

Most importantly, the flash lighting will harm your kids eyes, there is prove that how studio flash light affect infant and kids eye development.

Diva Studio 的特色- "自然光"拍攝




所以我們堅持 DivaFamily 的拍攝不會用到閃燈,以確保質素。


Baby/ Kids portrait package


•Unlimited style within service hour

•Service time: 1 hour

•8 pcs photo retouch with digital copies



•Book together offer: Get 10% off

•20% off for additional photo album & photo frame

•For shooting on weekend and holiday add $200

•Additional photo retouch $100

•Makeup & Hair styling $300

幼兒及小孩照套餐 (A)



•服務時間 1 小時

•修圖 8 張


•購買兩個或以上套餐可享9 折優惠

•外加相薄相架可享 8 折優惠

•外加拍攝時間, 每小時 $500



•如加多一個小主角 $200 









•如有外加拍攝人數/ 時間請預早通知

•購買兩個或以上套餐可享9 折優惠

•外加相薄相架可享 8 折優惠

Baby & Kids portrait reminder

•The earliest arrival time is 15mins before service

•Please get well sleep before photo shooting

•For family portrait please wear same tone colour out-fit for shooting (recommended to discuss with customer service before shooting)

•For any change of booking please call one week before  shooting day

•Please book your shooting in advance

•Please advice your prefer shooting style during appointment booking

•For additional add on person/ shooting hour please advise in advance

•Book together offer: Get 10% off

•20% off for photo album & photo frame