Special of our Studio- "Daylight Shooting"

Great lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. Photography is basically writing with light; story telling in its purest most simplistic form. The right use of "Daylight" can help you tell your story, and it can even make the difference between an everyday photo, and something more special.

Diva Studio 的特色- "自然光"拍攝




How do we create pre-wedding Portrait?
We create pre-wedding portraits in a simple, natural and comfy way. it's our philosophy of photography.
We believe pre-wedding photos mean to be forever lasting, therefore we keep the photos simple. With your unique story and personal style, we want to make sure our photos can capture “the moment", which also means forever.
We understand that you may not be used to facing cameras. So, to make sure you can smile naturally and better present yourself, we create, help and go through the whole process with you. We will help you feel easy and comfy throughout the whole shooting.

我們怎樣製作 pre-wedding photo?